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is the benefit in SERP visibility if technical SEO analysis and services are done right.
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improvement in sales funnel. Specially when eccommerce technical SEO is done right.
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increase in website traffic when a thorough technical SEO checklist is executed properly.

What is Technical SEO and it's importance ?

Technical SEO is a mechanism which involves the proper optimization of a website for the crawling,  rendering and indexing part of any website. The main goal of a Technical SEO expert and consultant is to make sure that the architecture of any given website is 100% index-able and crawl-able without having any problems.

This would ensure that the ranking of the pages in search engine are increased in the fastest way possible. Thus it can effectively help in improving website traffic and lead generation. 

Technical SEO Services

Technical SEO Audit

We will help in identifying several technical SEO issues and also cover many recommendations. Our Technical SEO audits services covers a range of activities. Some of them are mentioned underneath.

  • SEMRush Audit with technical SEO touch
  • Crawling and indexing Issues
  • Fetching and mobility issues

Advanced Technical SEO Fixes

Our team of professional technical SEO analysts can help in fixing many issues. Some of them are mentioned underneath:

  • Error status code fixes
  • JS, CSS optimization
  • Rendering issue fixes

Speed Fixes

Our technical SEO executives are always on top of every possible technologies for improving the load time of a given website.

  • GTMetrix fixes
  • PSI fixes
  • TTFB improvement

Penalty Recovery

Our team of technical SEO consultants have strong processes which will make sure that your site is free from any Google penalties.

  • Toxic backlinks disavow
  • Latest SERP algorithm checkup
  • Penalty removal

Pre and Post SEO Migration

Many website owners hire a technical SEO expert and specialist for performing a pre and post migration. Migrations are very important when any site undergoes design or functionality changeover.

  • Entire pre SEO migration setup
  • Entire post SEO migration setup
  • Redirection checkup

Semantic Markup

For any technical on site SEO it’s very essential to ensure proper structure data setup on landing pages. Semantic markup is an integral part of on page technical SEO which helps in intent specification.

  • Dynamic schema implementation
  • Custom Schema Implementation
  • Rankbrain Schema Implementation

Image Optimization

For any on page technical SEO, image optimization is very important. Some of the well known methods are mentioned underneath:

  • Image scalling
  • Serving from cookie-less domain
  • Reducing bandwidth without having pixel loss

HTML elements

Any SEO technical audit services are incomplete without having proper alignment of HTML elements. Some of the items are mentioned underneath.

  • H1, H2, H3 ....
  • Cannonicalization
  • Title tags and Meta Data implementation

Spider Checkup

Any technical optimization SEO can’t be said perfect unless it is spider friendly. Spider ensures proper indexing and crawl-ability for any given website.

  • Screaming frog fixes
  • Broken link fixes
  • Internal linking fixes

Google Search Console Optimization

Search console is an integral part of any technical SEO campaign irrespective of any CMS ( WordPress etc). Google Search Console is very important for enjoying strong SEO performance.

  • Coverage issue fixes
  • Sitemap checkup
  • Crawl budget checkup

AI Based Technical SEO

We are not like any other technical SEO companies who believes in cookie cutting strategy. Our strategies are unique and pro-active. We perform AI-based SEO as a part of our services. 

  • TF-iDF
  • LDA Cosine
  • Hierarchical Clustering


What is the pricing model ?

The pricing model is totally custom. We will first look into the requirements and then figure out what all technical optimizations are possible. Based on our research and initial audit we will share the approximate prices and the timeline required. 

Whom shall we contact ?

The contact id is Any queries or consult should be send to   

How the process works ?

You can send us your requirement at this mail. After that, one of our SEO consultant would look into the areas for improvement and also we will perform an audit. After that, a mail would be sent to you with proper pricing and timeline. Lastly, the delivery will be given directly into your mail in a professional format.

Do I need to send the logins to my website ? If yes then what is the insurance provided ?

Certainly you need to send us the full admin credentials of both the cms and the server. Since we will be dealing with all the technical optimization of your website, thereafter, we definitely need the logins to your website.

Now coming over to the insurance / security point, we will take a proper backup of your website before beginning with any fixes. Once the backup is created we will send one copy to you and the another copy we will store within a secured network environment. Thus, the security will be retained.